creating trust is the basis for all business

Leadership Consulting & Organizational Advisory


Your organisation's most important asset:

It's capability for entrepreneurial success!

We help and support you and your management teams in safeguarding and expanding this capability.


Together with you we realise three key goals:


  • Supporting an attitude of self-responsibility
  • Improving performance
  • Developing value(s)

In particular, we focus on strengthening the following aspects:

  • (Mutual) trust in the integrity and competence of your executives and experts
  • Self-confidence and constructive openness towards partners and colleagues in the Management Team - embedded in their duty for joint care and responsibility for your firm’s profitability and stability
  • Positive confidence as guiding principle of an optimistic but equally realistic corporate self-expression

Trust, self-confidence and an optimistic attitude constitute the basis of all achievement-oriented business practices and succesful management culture – integrated into all aspects of communication, cooperation, leadership routine and decision-making.


We help executives and companies to assure these values and to develop them further, where necessary.


We are creating values and we help people as well as organisations in, …

  • applying their human capital and their management talents wisely


  • using their resources effectively


  • developing their boards and executive teams efficiently - by respecting and integrating the strengths of each executive’s personality



Evaluation – Feedback – Confidence Building – Workshop Moderation – Development – Executive Search

Innovative Confidence-Tools

Continuous and critical checking of your firm’s strength in confidence and trust building

Does your organization possess the right structures which are necessary to build trust and entrepreneurial confidence? Do they exist at all?


Are you as senior executive acknowledged and appreciated for entrepreneurship, visionary and trust-inspiring leadership – or not?

How strong and motivating is the power of your entrepreneurial vision?

Are you using this extremely strong element at all?

We help you find answers and implement concrete action-steps.

Integrating a confidence-based culture as a conscious structural element of your corporate strategy

Expanding your corporate self-image and vision by consciously adressing issues of trust and (self)-confidence should become a central part of your leadership agenda. Reaching and motivating „heads and hearts“ in your organisation’s personalities is a key.

We support you in a systematic, targeted and planable fashion.


Our offer comprises structuring and moderating critical workshops with all relevant participants. We specifically focus on reaching absolute clarity in defining goals, processes as well as responsibilities.


Structured and systematic „on-boarding“

‚Confidence in Leadership & Management‘ – Individual support & development

The integration process of new executives and critical specialists into new leadership positions within your organisation (either from external sources or through internal promotion) does not stop with signing a contract. Why?

Only through professional, expectation-management processes as well as by „sensitising“ the new executive for all expected challenges and organisational interfaces a true and successful integration can take place. Full understanding of your individual corporate culture needs to be assimilated into the on-boarding process and a clear understanding of the expected entrepreneurial responsibility needs to be anchored.


By applying our measures the risk of a hiring failure can be substantially reduced (from over 30% to less than 15%, measured across 18 months observation time). Empirical facts demonstrate that the achievement of clarity about mutual expectations assures a very high-level of identification of the new executive with his firm’s corporate goals as well as his/her managerial effectiveness. Experience shows that these processes are best carried out by external advisors - profiting from the necessary equidistance.


We have ample experience in on-boarding and can help you develop it as a meaningful „best-practice“ in your organisation.

We offer support and development programmes for senior executives  who either recognise themselves - or where their board recognises - the need for improving individual management performance, leadership efficiency or team contribution. We act swiftly and to-the-point  - but in a discrete and confidential fashion.


All measures are custom-tailored to the individual executive’s personal needs, integrating the latest standards and techniques in leadership-psychology and management technique. On a methodological level we apply proven coaching methods, structured (and sometimes team-related) counsellings and trainings and concepts as well as „career-path“ working models (incl. internal and external advanced training exercises).


Our approach is throughly constructive: it is all about enhancement, support and achievement - not the usual focus on „negative personal deficits“. We help executives to move towards development of constructive attitudes and behaviours. Our role consists of being a business-focused challenger and coach, a change companion, supervisor and sparring-partner as well as provider of critical feedback.

Classical Methods - consciously applied in a new and forward-looking fashion

Continuous management evaluation and targeted development of senior executives

Continuous management evaluation programmes – with a clear focus on feedback, „learning“ and creating sensitivity for  - often burning  -  organisational needs are among the most modern tools for improving performance, profitability and emotional bonding between employee and employer. Confidence-Consult's key differentiating factor lies in the use of these tools: by not applying them in the „old“ way, as examination or audit instruments, but in the „new“ way, as powerful instruments for self-reflection and lifting of personal leadership potentials, as we create effective and trust-building win-win situations for everyone involved.


Comprehensive preparation and close operational alignment with the goals of our mandating clients are essential. Open and smart communication of these measures in-house is a must.


Direct search and selection of key management talent – Executive Search

Key executives should not be treated as „applicants“. This attitude carries – rightly so – a negative connotation. As business owner, hiring executive or member of the executive board you want to see a determined candidate, not a person „pleading“ for a management position.


We strongly favour pro-activity, avoiding "reactive, passive" ways say via ads. Every communication is PR – and with it your opportunity to position your organisation.


Mission-critical searches should not be mandated to the "easiest head-hunter“ option. Look for a trusted partner who shares your vision, your sensibility  your business views – and who has access to candidates at the right level. Badly structured searches can do substantial damage. The quality of the underlying communication is essential. Raise your level of expectation!


Trainings and specialised seminars

Confidence Consult offers a selection of highly specialised trainings and seminars.

  • Presentation technique, improved rhetoric and self-assurance
  • Conflict management and dealing with organisational resistance
  • Leadership „power“: emotional impact, being circumspect and acting in a planned and planable way
  • Intercultural trainings (DACH, Eastern Europe, Latin & South America)
  • Team development, clarification of leadership roles and expectation management
  • Work-flow optimisation and improved efficiency of working teams


On the one hand these topics form an integral part of comprehensive change-projects in which we assist our clients for a longer period by becoming their „learning & development“ partner. Thereby, we serve our clients at different management levels; we address various mission-critical issues and topics; and - we are always applying a well thought-through mix of methods and instruments.


On the other hand our trainings and seminars are often booked as singular measures – i.e. in separate one-day or half-weekly formats – depending on the particular situation and particular needs of managers in charge of leadership & organisational development.


Finally, we are also able to tailor specific formats for our mandating clients. With regard to this, please feel free to contact us directly.

We are happy to share with you the full scale of our service capabilities.


For clients with a private equity background Confidence-Consult developed a special and proprietary service:


PE|LA© – “Private Equity Leadership Assessment”

In close cooperation with market leaders PE|LA© has been exclusively designed and specifically validated for senior-level search and evaluation needs of the Private-Equity industry, both at an individual executive level, as well as with a management-team view (see below).

PE|LA© is a state-of-the-art decision-support tool that yields a comprehensive validation of an individual’s (or a team’s) executive and leadership quality - now and in respect of future tasks.

PE|LA© consists of a 4-5 hours process:

The PE|LA© process serves various important purposes:

A deep dive interview, following a tried and tested method mainly built around systematic competency-driven interviewing, is enriched by both, substantial elements of semi-structured self-reflection exercises as well as by online psychometrics, and is completed by a critical and constructive feedback dialogue with the assessed candidate(s).

It is conducted with the aim of providing highest objectivity evaluations and is therefore executed on a totally arms-length basis by a trusted, but totally independent professional partner, Confidence-Consult, in strictest confidentiality.

  • it yields clarity and objectivity as well as decision-making support in critical search and evaluation processes,
  • with its clear leadership metrics it constitutes a substantial add-on in risk-reduction,
  • by providing critical and validated peer-group benchmarks for our private-equity clients, and
  • it assures a neutral third party opinion to our findings.

It is advised to apply the “PE|LA©” process in one or more of the following circumstances:

  • when your internal interviews have yielded a strong tendency that one or several  candidate(s) were actually found and require the “last and final thumbs-up or thumbs-down”,
  • when you as private-equity investor have to assume an existing leadership-team that comes with the acquired company and e.g. you need to be assured of their skills, potential, capability  and their reliability: to understand, carry and execute your new vision,
  • when you are faced with wanted or unwanted  “go" or "no-go” situations with one of your senior executives,
  • when you have the need to critically evaluate the 2nd-liners in a portfolio company in order to be certain about the efficiency of your target-operating model

The PE|LA© results are swiftly...

... feedbacked to clients in a structured and comprehensive debriefing and scored in writing along mission-critical executive “skill dimensions” on a scale of 21 leadership descriptors.

This allows to further benchmark the candidate’s results against his/her peer-group and against other successful placements in private equity.



under construction.



Dr. Christian J. Eberhardt

Christian is specialized in management diagnostics. Moreover, he works on tailoring development programs and concepts of corporate ‘talent management’.


Christian’s operational focus is on management reviews, audits and assessments, team diagnostics/-building, managing systematic feedback-processes as well as psychologically well founded executive-coaching programs. He also runs structured on-boarding, transition- und integration measures for high-value individuals facing new and critical challenges and he supports our clients in the course of restructuring and post-merger integration phases.


Furthermore, Christian also searches for critical management positions – particularly if there are social, psychological or culture-fit related issues. Here, he has often focused on small and medium investments of our private-equity and family-office clients.


He brings industry specific knowledge in the following sectors: industrial and technologies, energy & utilities, life sciences as well as financial services and Fintech.


Prior to setting-up Confidence-Consult, Christian was responsible for the ‘Leadership Consulting’ business of HEIDRICK & STRUGGLES in Austria and the CEE region. Before, Christian worked for ODGERS BERNDTSON (ex Ray & Berndtson) as regional "Head of Management Audit & Diagnostics" and also directed the regional Life-Science practice in CEE.


Christian, born in 1975,  started his career in leadership consulting in 2001 and had the role of a product manager for ‘management audits’ from the start with Ray & Berndtson CEE. Previously, he worked in corporate HR and organisational development for SKODA AS, part of Volkswagen Group.


Christian graduated from the University of Regensburg with a master's degree in Applied Psychology & Organisational Science. Moreover, he earned a PhD in Economics. Christian is an alumni of the BOHEMICUM (East-Western Transformation Studies, Universities of Passau and Regensburg) and author of several publications in the scope of Management Diagnostics and Intercultural Management.

Mag. Sebastian Körber

Sebastian Körber is a specialist in change processes - focusing on team dynamics and the individual. Profundity, clarity, directness and openness characterize his style. Thus he has already positioned himself in his early years on the top of the coaching and training market on an international executive level.


Körber's clear focus work is the subject of "self-awareness". Its access is located in the "people" themselves. The aim is the disclosure of personal needs, development opportunities, chances and potentials. In his trainings he gets to the core, so that clarity can emerge. He invigorates. He remains as a companion, managing the dynamics, helps to solve and eases resistance and inner obstacles on a personal level.


Körber's method is to make (often latent) content visible, to make it concrete and tangible for individual personality processes. In its essence, his technique makes yourself conscious of hidden motives and fears. He accompanies awareness in order to identify genuine personal choices. The aim is to deliberately reach for positive alternatives and bravely to take a step forward.


Latin America shaped Sebastian Körber style and personality: Dealing with emotional, very personal and intense challenges in tough environments made him humble. This characterizes his profile - working as a psychologist in a Peruvian prison, as manager for Latin American companies, or for the state Colombia in the program for rehabilitation of guerrillas and paramilitaries. For the "Weisser Ring" Austria Körber does crisis intervention for victims of violent crimes.


As clinical psychologist Sebastian Körber worked long time for the Austrian Ministry of Science before focusing on business training and coaching. Since spring 2012, Sebastian Körber has been working for Confidence-Consult as a Associated partner.


Körber, born in 1981, studied business psychology at the University of Vienna. He

graduated with a Master degree and afterwards completed a postgrade in clinical psychology and health psychology to widen his horizon to the whole facettes of human psychology.

Mag. Susanne Szlauer

Susanne Szlauer is specialised in Executive Search – the search and selection of management positions and expert profiles  - as well as Assessment in HR audit and review projects. Clients include organisations from technology/industry, financial services and life science.


Susanne’s search assignments are often characterised by the specific requirements of private equity investors and family offices. As expert in critical selection she combines systematic analysis with an understanding of risk- and success factors and intuition. „Market“ and „Profile“ are merged with a clear focus on tight timelines.


Susanne also provides individualised career consulting and coaching programs in times of career change processes. Prior to joining Confidence-Consult Susanne was HR Manager at Swarovski International Markets responsible for 8 European countries. She has also worked as consultant with Deloitte Human Capital and Ray & Berndtson CEE.


Susanne, born 1977, holds a Master Degree in Economics from University of St. Andrews, UK and is fluent in German, English and Czech.

Johannes Kagerer, BSc.

Johannes Kagerer works as a Research Consultant at Confidence-Consult.

He supports high-quality research – i.e. profiling and identifying specialists, managers, and executives in the market; his eye is on “added value”, cultural suitability and business personality.


Moreover, Johannes participates in candidate assessments, hearings and reporting procedures.

His client focus is mainly on small and medium enterprises – with particular respect to technology, the sustainability and energy sector as well as financial services.


Johannes, born 1988 in Starnberg next to Munich, is also working for the students union of WU (ÖH WU Wien) at the public relation department and he has initiated and organized the first student cooperation in Austria with professional events in the area of “sustainability management” – where societal, political and business perspectives meet.


Johannes earned a Bachelor degree in Business Administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (BSc, WU Wien). He is specialized on “Change Management and Management Development” as well as on “Behavioural Economics & Organizational Behaviour”. Currently, he is participating in a Master program at the Hochschule St. Gallen (HSG).

Mag. (FH) Sibylle Hofmann

Sibylle Hofmann combines in-depth know-how in direct search with first-hand experience as corporate HR-Manager.

She is specialised in executive search projects and sophisticated direct searches on expert level. In her projects she draws particular attention to mission-critical issues of team compilation and talent development. Thereby, Sibylle brings along a bright sense for cultural and intercultural challenges – e.g. facing ambitious cross-border collaboration, know-how transfer or market entry scenarios.

The quest for the right “cultural fit” is a key element of her way of doing searches – a clear USP for our clients.


Through Sibylle‘s solid network and insights into different markets and industries she is able to identify potential candidates quickly – even in challenging environments. Her style is to attracting candidates’ interest and motivation for a change and career development.

Sibylle brings along business know-how in the areas of financial services, branded consumer goods and retail, moreover, also in the field of professional services.


Since 2017 Sibylle Hofmann is a Partner in cooperation to Confidence Consult.

Prior to that she has worked as Human Resources Manager for well-known international retail chain. There she took over national and CEE-wide responsibilities in Recruiting & Development and Performance Management. From 2001-2006 Sibylle has been working as Senior Consultant in two Executive Search companies – AMROP Jenewein and ODGERS BERNDTSON (ex Ray & Berndtson CEE).


Sibylle, born in 1978, completed a Master of Arts in International business Relations in Eisenstadt/Austria with a focus on South- and Eastern European markets.

Paul Stricker

Paul Stricker has been engaged as Senior Expert and Project Manager in various functions of HR-Management as well as in Corporate Development and Process-Engineering for more than 16 years. His footprint is in different industries as well as in several European countries.

Paul's primary focus is to bridging between HR-competences on the one hand and issues of organizational development on the other hand – implementing and refining state-of-the-art structures and processes. He successfully demonstrated his expertise in various international change- and OD-projects, such as the development of ‘group-structures’ of a large utility-company in Central Europe, the restructuring of IT-activities of a prominent banking-group in the Czech and Slovak Republic, the concept and implementation of a Shared-Service-Center in the Czech Republic, the deployment of SAP-HCM, as well as the outsourcing of HRM across 11 countries in CEE and the Netherlands. Most recently, he has co-managed the integration of a German company in the field of offshore-wind into a Dutch energy group. As a consultant and as a interim manager, Paul is highly credible in linking HR and IT.


Beyond ‘hard’ topics around processes and structures, Paul does also professionally cover the so called ‘soft’ factors, such as corporate culture and talent-management. Thus, he brings routine in steering and completing complex and large projects successfully and on time.


Paul's professional career and his actual profile are characterized by his strong personal aim to dive into new areas, to foster innovation and to drive organizational excellence. Due to his experience in different companies and industries, ICT, finance, utilities, renewables and pharma, Paul is able to actively share and transfer best-practices. This is clearly amongst his key success-factors in both, consulting projects and interim-mandates. On a personal level his reputation by clients and partners is shaped by trustful networking, deep commitment and handshake-quality.


Paul, born 1976, completed a Master of Arts in International business Relations in Eisenstadt/Austria, Brussels/Belgium and Budapest/Hungary. Besides his native German he is fluent in English, Czech, Slovak and Hungarian and has sound knowledge of Dutch.


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